Lulakate Harper Tropical Bridal Brunch Inspiration

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Our Lulakate Harper dress (in this amazing Forest green color), has completely inspired us to make one last stand before this summer weather leaves us. We decided to take a little adventure over to the idea of a tropical bridal brunch! Complete with palm details, hibiscus floral crowns, poppy pink lipstick (of course), and some tropical heels. This inspirational post also furthers the idea that you really can wear our Lulakate dresses for more than just one event.

And without further ado…





Lulakate Harper Inspired by a Tropical Bridal Brunch -


The fun that the Harper dress encompasses is evident with the short Dahlia style skirt. The pleating gives a fuller style as to allow for comfort and ease. And of course you can’t go wrong with a V neck and V back! Totally classic, classy, and yes, sassy!


Tropical Accessories:

We are 100% smitten with these hibiscus pink, gold, and turquoise earrings from BHLDN. And we know every Lula needs a bag to put all her essentials in. This bag we found on Etsy is perfect for this tropical vibe we have going. The shoes? Oh yes, palm details with a sturdy heel and ankle strap are totally giving us heart eyes.

During the brunch, before treats and drinks have been served, perhaps it would be fun to do a flower crown bar. Have all the necessary materials, hibiscus flowers, greenery, and floral tape and wire so the guests can make their own flower crowns.


Lulakate Harper Inspired by a Tropical Bridal Brunch -

Lulakate Harper Inspired by a Tropical Bridal Brunch -



Don’t Forget The Details:

When you think Tropical, you most likely immediately go to a vision of beaches and palm trees. In the case that you may not have any palms close by, head over to your local nursery and see if they happen to have some palm like plants. You can either place them in bright blue pots or use the leaves as placemats for your dinnerware. These paper cutouts featured on Oh So Beautiful Paper will give you plenty more inspiration. Definitely a DIY-er’s paper paradise!


Lulakate Harper Inspired by a Tropical Bridal Brunch -



Treats and Eats:


Now in terms of feeding your guests, it would always make sense for a tropical bridal brunch to have pineapples. Lots and lots of pineapples! This pineapple turned floral display is amazing and perfect for table centerpieces. Cut out the insides of juicy goodness and use with toothpicks for easy munching, and then fill with some tropical flowers. Voila! Another idea for this would be a watermelon. A perfect end of summer treat and you can use the watermelon too for a centerpiece.

If it’s a little warm outside, this idea of a pineapple as an ice-cream bowl could not be more up our alley. Yes please!

And the old-timey convertible beetle? Yah, we just love this picture and fits in great with our inspiration!


Lulakate Harper Inspired by a Tropical Bridal Brunch -


Hope you enjoyed this installment of our #LULAKATESTYLESERIES! Our Harper dress is a total win and like we said, can def be worn again and again. 🙂