Kate Spade Inspired With Kristyn

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We are definitely Kate Spade inspired with Kristyn today in continuing our #LulaKateStyleSeries!


Kristyn dress | Lulakate Bridesmaids | www.lulakate.com/blog


Kate Spade Inspired with Kristyn


It’s no secret that we love love LOVE Kate Spade. The prep, the pep, the too-cute-to-boot style; we just can’t get enough. So naturally it would make sense for us to want to put together a little Kate Spade inspired style with one our Lulakates. The Kristyn dress is both classic and elegant. A dress where you really can do no wrong. And in terms of styling her, we always like to spice up a classic with some fun trendy touches, and that Kate Spade style works perfectly.


A few stripes here and there would serve a bridesmaid well. Keeps a little pizazz and also a little interest to the eye. And we for sure love the idea of these hot pink bridesmaid shoes! Add a little gold, a little sparkle, and a pink lip, and we are good to go!


Kate Spade Inspired with Kristyn | Lulakate Bridesmaids | www.lulakate.com/blog



If wanting a little more sophistication, perhaps have hair all the way up in a ballerina bun or classic updo. Keep eye makeup fresh and natural looking for this style, but go all out on the pink lip! That come hither color works anywhere from casual to black tie.

If you are also wanting to go full on Kate Spade, don’t forget to add polka dots into your style. Do black table linens and sprinkle white or gold dot confetti on them, or have your cake designer put polka dots on the cake.

OR you could even choose our Striped Dahlia Skirt like this seen here! 😉


Kristyn dress | Lulakate Bridesmaids | www.lulakate.com/blog


Hope you enjoyed our Kate Spade Inspired with Kristyn as much as we do! You can see more dresses already styled for some inspiration here, here, and here. Or find us on Instagram to follow along with our #LULAKATESTYLESERIES.


Happy Friday and have a great weekend!