8 Fun Bachelorette Party Games For Your Girl Squad


The countdown to the wedding is starting to move faster the closer it gets to the date, and if you haven’t thought about it already, there is something that the bride and her girls need to do…The Bachelorette Party! And what’s more, the games you can play! We found 8 fun bachelorette party games that are sure to be fun, get things going, and be sure to make you giggle all night.

Fun Bachelorette Games For Your Girl Squad - www.lulakate.com/blog

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8 Fun Bachelorette Party Games:

1.) MEMORY JAR: Have all members of the bridal girl squad write on a piece of paper of how they met the bride or of a fun (maybe embarrassing?!) story the two of them shared. Fold it up, place it in the jar, and then have the bride open them one at a time. A great way to introduce everyone at the party in case they don’t each other!

2.) MAKE A VIDEO: Find a favorite song as a group, dress up with feather boas, sunglasses, perhaps some bright red or pink lipsticks like LulaKates love to wear and make a music video.

3.) QUESTIONAIRE: How well does the bride know her fiancé? Before the party, give a list of questions to the groom, get all of his answers and then quiz the bride at the party.

4.) KISS THE CUTE GUY: This one would be fun to do when catered to the bride’s taste of who ever her celebrity crush is. We do love the Ryan Gosling below! Give her cut out lips to pin (or stick!) on the poster and try and get it as close to guy’s lips as possible. Make sure to spin her around a few times to make it more difficult.

Fun Bachelorette Games For Your Girl Squad - www.lulakate.com/blog

{Kiss The Guy}

5.) SCAVENGER HUNT: This one is great if you’re wanting to expand your bachelorette venue and get a little crazy. You can create a list of fun and silly dares for her to do around at different locations, or take her around to meaningful locations of the bride and groom if that works location wise. This bachelorette game is great and can be really unique to the bride.

6.) MAKE A BRIDAL GOWN: No, we’re talking an actual bridal gown, but a gown that’s a little more bio-degradable, like…toilet paper! Split up your bachelorettes into teams of two and give them a roll of toilet paper. Whoever makes the best looking bridal gown in under 3minutes wins! (Make sure to take pictures!)

7.) JUNK IN THE TRUNK: This one is a little more active and fun for everyone to try themselves too. Tie on an empty kleenex box around your waist with the box on your back facing out. With your favorite music in the back ground and of course some ping pong balls, your bachelorettes have to try and get all the balls into the box before the time runs out. (3-4minutes) Bride, remember to shake your booty to make it harder for the girl squad!

8.) BACHELORETTE PARTY PINATA: Find a fun piñata at your local party store and fill it with whatever you like. Candy, fake rings, or makeup even just to name a few.

Hope you enjoy these 8 fun bachelorette party games! It is true though, wherever you may be for the bachelorette party, whatever games you play, being with your girls is the best! This will be a fun night of giggles and memories you will all share before the big event! And before you know it, you’ll be putting on your LulaKate bridesmaid dresses and helping the bride walk down the aisle to her new adventure. That’s one of the many things best friends are for, right?!

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