Creativity: Cakes and Couture

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We were fortunate to be featured in Charleston Magazine’s Fall-Winter 2012 issue a few times, and one of our favorite articles was Best-Dressed Desserts: a true celebration of cake. We loved it for the obvious reasons (butter cream filling and chocolate ganache), but more importantly we loved seeing the inspiration these talented cake designers gathered from a select, few wedding gowns. We had no idea that cake designing, much like wedding gown designing, is a process involving inspiration, contemplation, and sketch work.

So when we were told that the wonderful cake designer Jim Smeal created this gorgeous cake shown above using inspiration from our Novak gown, we were floored. Little did we know that when working this rich, embroidered organza into a gown it would also give way to rich, almond-praline decadence.  We are beyond amazed with what has been created and have a new found respect for our favorite sugar fix. It is a beautiful thing to see talent and creativity mesh in such a delicious way!