April, 2014

RTW Wednesday: Ooh Beautiful!

This next photo spread we are taking you through storybook land by way of the Old Village in Mt Pleasant. I mean, come on, doesn’t it just sound like like something out of a children’s book – The Old Village in Mt Pleasant ..

We picked the picture perfect day to head out to this land of dreams and spend some quality time bopping around the shops like a local.

We threw on our best take of preppy-meets-peppy with our Windsor seersucker skirt and a ruffled tank and took to town.

Our first stop was the adorable Pitt Street Pharmacy, preserved to look and feel like a pharmacy of yesteryear. With 50 cent soda pop and root beer floats from behind a checkered counter top, we figured we were inclined to stick around for a bit.

The high schoolers behind the counter were all to enamored with our RTW girl and we had some fun chatting them up!

Getting the vintage soda machine to work was not exactly a breeze. Rumor has it the machine is still functioning, but the contraption had us a little too worried about the longevity of all of our limbs to reach in and test it out. We enlisted the counter boy for help on this one – but that doesn’t mean we can’t pose with this lovely time piece!

Our refreshing soda and boost of caffeine was just what we needed and then we were off! We had some shopping to do next door at Out of Hand and Ooh Beautiful! We may or may not have been back later in the day for a grilled cheese and chocolate shake, we’re not confirming that one!

Dress: LulaKate Windsor Skirt

Photography: Jeni of Seastar Arts

Makeup: Ooh Beautiful!

Jewelry: Currie Jewelry

Ready to Wear Wednesday: Brown’s Court Visit

This past week we got to kick it at one of our favorite local bake houses. Known around town for their incredible bread, Brown’s Court Bakery is tucked away in Cannonborough in one of the original Brown’s Court homes.

This place could stand on it’s own as an adorable coffee shop and bakehouse; but it is so much more, this restaurant cranks out bread for restaurants all around town. Secret tip: we love their day old bread section in the back!

The quaint space is perfect for taking to your lap top for some work, or reading in the hammock swing on the porch! — and don’t forget to try one of their pastries, they are to die for!!

Photography: Seastar Arts

Hair and Makeup: Pink Dot Beauty Bar

Location: Brown’s Court Bakery

Dress: LulaKate Avenue Dress

Ready to Wear Wednesday: Stems

A visit to the ‘Wedding District ‘ of Charleston wouldn’t be complete without a pop in to one of our favorite floral spaces! Located on the corner of Coming and Cannon Streets, conveniently in the same building as our uber talented graphic designer Becky of Gracious Brands and across the street from our favorite lunch place, Five Loaves Cafe. This fabulous flower shop is a favorite if you want to explore beautiful arrangements for events, planning or just scope some new buds for your front hall table!

This visit the ladies were decompressing after the ever popular food and wine event, for which they provided all of the floral arrangements. As a result they had some pretty funky flowers left over from the weekend. Exhibit A this cool orchids that looked exactly like tigers faces, as Christina so excitedly pointed out!

They even sent us off with some beautiful purple hydrangeas for a pop of color to remind us that Spring is just around the corner!

Top: Anthem Top

Shorts: Cafe Shorts

Photography: Seastar Arts

Hair and Makeup: Pink Dot Beauty Bar

Location: Stems

Necklace: Kris Nations

Ready to Wear Wednesday: Spring has Sprung

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring, and like the rest of the country, we are more than ready! Bring on the warm sunshine, daffodils and mid-afternoon strolls. 

We’re lucky here in Charleston to have had some warm days already in 2014, including (to our great fortune) this past Tuesday when we took a stroll down Cannon Street in search of the perfect birthday treat!

Enter Sugar, a delicious local bake shop located at 59 1/2 Cannon Street. This shop happens to be one of the more picturesque spaces in Charleston {a city full of picture worthy scenes}!  So in we strolled with our Spring Garden Skirt  and our vintage cropped jacket prepared to pick the perfect treat!

The gentleman behind the cases of delight were oh so helpful in assisting our decision making . We sure did need it with cupcakes ranging from Coconut Almond to Lemon Curd and German Chocolate. We went with the Strawberry Whipped Cream and took to the adorable side courtyard to indulge in our fancy.

We cheers-ed with our cupcakes in honor of our dear friend and uber talented photographer, Jeni’s birthday {and the new and exciting news that she is expecting!} It was truly the perfect pre-cursor to Spring, and we are now fully prepared to welcome in the season with high spirits and our best skirt forward!

Photography: Seastar Arts

Hair and Makeup: Pink Dot Beauty Bar

Jacket: Inherited Vintage Attire

Skirt: email rtw@lulakate.com for order info

RTW Wednesday: Kudu Coffee

This past week was Spring Break at the College in town, and for us that means a week of more parking spots, emptier restaurants and less sidewalk dodging! It also means that it is possible to snag a seat at one of the local coffee shops that are usually full of students reading, writing and facebooking. And so we seized the opportunity to visit one of our favorite old haunts, Kudu Coffee and Craft Beer located on Vanderhorst Street in Charleston.

This place has one of the best courtyards in town. By day this is a great place to meet friends for a cup of coffee; by night grab a delicious local brew and listen to the live music they so often host in their beautiful outdoor space.  This vibe of this shop truly epitomizes local community gathering and has a soft spot in our hearts for sure!

Photography: Jeni of Seastar Arts

Makeup: Pink Dot Beauty Bar

Jewelry: Necklaces by Bird Song Design

Shorts: LulaKate Tile Shorts