RTW Wednesday: Ooh Beautiful!

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RTW Wednesday: Stroll through Old Village

This past week wasn’t exactly full of sunny days, in fact we had much more rain than shine. But as soon as the sun did peek out from behind the clouds we jumped at the opportunity to get out and bask in its rays of delight. In our second posting on the historic old fishing town of Old Village, Mt Pleasant we take you through the winding neighborhood streets. Past flowering window boxes, porches adorn with red white and blue down to glimpse the ocean with it’s waves and picture perfect sails gliding by.

Parking near the quaint Old Village Post House Inn and Restaurant, we glimpsed the menu and made a mental note for our next Sunday brunch! We could get lost in this neighborhood for hours and not get tired of it.

Now just because the day was beautiful doesn’t mean we didn’t  miss a few drop of Vitamin D for sake of fashion. We popped in to the new Swoon boutique and glimpsed their amazing array of fabulous pieces. hint: MOB’s this is a great place to shop for wedding attire!

Rocking a favorite local jewelry label, Currie Jewelry, we felt perfectly polished in our gold cuff that brings out the yellow in our shirt with the precious stone to match our top. Thank god for Currie’s help styling her jewelry, we never look this pulled together on our own!

Ending the day along the beautiful docks streaming from the backyards of the old colonial homes. It was the perfect day by the sea!

Skirt: Lulakate Trapman Skirt

Photography: Jeni of Seastar Arts

Makeup: Ooh Beautiful!

Jewelry: Currie Jewelry

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Inspired: Enjoy it!

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It’s Friday, I’m in Love: Windy City Live Spring Dream Wedding!

Our friend and totally awesome co-owner of Bella Bridesmaids, Erin Casey Wolf, was a guest yesterday on Chicago’s own “Windy City Live” as part of their Spring Dream Wedding segment (click to watch). We loved seeing Erin and her bubbly self on camera, and loved even more that they included us as a candidate for Dolly’s bridal party! Our Kristyn dress in Aluminum Faille is in the running for Dolly’s Dream Wedding, and it all comes down to winning votes! If you think Dolly’s gals would look great in our dress, then vote here!

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RTW Wednesday: Ooh Beautiful!

This next photo spread we are taking you through storybook land by way of the Old Village in Mt Pleasant. I mean, come on, doesn’t it just sound like like something out of a children’s book – The Old Village in Mt Pleasant ..

We picked the picture perfect day to head out to this land of dreams and spend some quality time bopping around the shops like a local.

We threw on our best take of preppy-meets-peppy with our Windsor seersucker skirt and a ruffled tank and took to town.

Our first stop was the adorable Pitt Street Pharmacy, preserved to look and feel like a pharmacy of yesteryear. With 50 cent soda pop and root beer floats from behind a checkered counter top, we figured we were inclined to stick around for a bit.

The high schoolers behind the counter were all to enamored with our RTW girl and we had some fun chatting them up!

Getting the vintage soda machine to work was not exactly a breeze. Rumor has it the machine is still functioning, but the contraption had us a little too worried about the longevity of all of our limbs to reach in and test it out. We enlisted the counter boy for help on this one – but that doesn’t mean we can’t pose with this lovely time piece!

Our refreshing soda and boost of caffeine was just what we needed and then we were off! We had some shopping to do next door at Out of Hand and Ooh Beautiful! We may or may not have been back later in the day for a grilled cheese and chocolate shake, we’re not confirming that one!

Dress: LulaKate Windsor Skirt

Photography: Jeni of Seastar Arts

Makeup: Ooh Beautiful!

Jewelry: Currie Jewelry

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